Kevin Ostrovsky

Kevin Ostrovsky


Kevin grew up in the plastics industry, working alongside his father John. From a young age, Kevin was passionate about his family’s business; learning everything there is to know about plastics, operating injection or extrusion machines and assisting with other duties at his father’s request.

Kevin graduated on the Dean’s list from Seneca College in Business Management. He then continued his education, graduating from Dalhousie University with a degree in Industrial Engineering.

Kevin continues his father’s legacy by upholding the core values of the business, focusing on customers’ needs; high quality, fast lead times and conducting all business with integrity. He oversees all aspects of production and management functions.

John Ostrovsky

John Ostrovsky


John graduated from the University of Toronto as a civil engineer.  After years of working in the engineering field he was inspired to start his own company.

This inspiration for Tangibles came from a dream where his infant son (Kevin) cut off a finger with a pair of scissors that had been left out to open a milk bag.  The dream inspired John to develop “Snippit” a safer way to open milk (and other polybags) and his new company was formed.

Over the next 25 years, Tangibles grew from the basement of their home to a 50,000 square foot facility in Etobicoke, Ontario.  John expanded the product line to other house-ware items using injection moulding and entered the extrusion plastic market in 1983.

Throughout the years, John has learned that to stay competitive and compete on a global scale while making it a priority to maintain manufacturing efficiency.  As a result, Tangibles keeps their entire manufacturing process in-house.  They are proud to offer products designed and manufactured in Canada.

Ita Ostrovsky

Ita Ostrovsky

Chief Financial Officer

Ita, born and educated in Ireland, started her career in the Law Department of the National Bank of Dublin.  She then assisted in the set up and management of a Consulting Engineering & Aerial Surveying company before immigrating to Canada to work at the Head Office of the Royal Bank.

With her strong financial background, Ita played an integral role in the establishment of Tangibles.  Whilst her husband John focuses on production and development, Ita’s role has always been to maintain the financial stability of their family business.

As Tangibles Financial Controller, Ita utilizes her keen understanding of business priorities to ensure the company’s continuing success.